Christian Leaders Fight Back Against Lockdown Restrictions

Following the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 27th of June 2021, which included new restrictions prohibiting gatherings under level 4 citing a “3rd wave” as the reason.

PASTORS AGAINST CHURCH CLOSURES (PACC) a group comprising over 100 pastors, came out condemning the move to prohibit churches from gathering.

The group says there is no scientific evidence that points to Churches being a super spreader of any sort, even though they remained the most compliant institution adhering to all health regulations. It is also disturbing to see political events and social gatherings with obvious intention to disobey the Lockdown regulations, yet Churches must suffer the consequences under their fullest compliance.

Maila also noted that they coordinated all Church services in the same manner as funerals, citing that closing and opening of Churches have made no difference.

PASTORS AGAINST CHURCH CLOSURES have made their intentions clear, saying they will remain open following and observing the Disaster Management Act rules and regulations.

Maila has noted that government has no desire to cooperate and consult with the Church. “We must put it on record that our coming together is not an option, but it’s a must, to meet together as per our Christian faith. Therefore, we advise the government to note that closing Churches creates a cross-axis for us to choose between obeying government or God. We choose the latter.”

PASTORS AGAINST CHURCH CLOSURES have advised the government that they can no longer afford to keep Churches closed and under no circumstances will a Church see the closure as an option.

We therefore reject the closing of Churches as we label the closing of Churches to be Draconian and dictatorship by the government to disregard our rights in all means necessary”.

We call upon the Christian community to be true to their faith, willing to suffer for Christ in times like this. We call for a continuation of Churches under full observations set by government. We remain resolute in our faith as Christians in South Africa.”


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