Cece Vee Is Unstoppable With New Indie-pop Single and Music Video

“Cece Vee is a very bright rising star that is lighting up the charts and is definitely someone to look out for.”​ –​ ​Underground Press​ (2021)

Trailblazing South African singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Cece Vee​ recently made her mark on the local music charts with a debut single, ‘Dysfunctional, which landed her a coveted position on the cover of JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist (2020). Her fresh voice, novel sound and alternative pop prowess also garnered plenty of radio airtime, on-air interviews and blog coverage.

Now Cece is back with her new single ​‘Wild Hearts’, which showcases sweet but seductive vocal harmonies that complement voluptuously dirty bass lines and head-bopping beats, alongside electro stabs, funky guitar riffs and uplifting licks. The nostalgic yet modern feel of the track gives a nod to Dua Lipa and Rita Ora with ambient verses that contrast beautifully with upbeat, dance-worthy choruses.

Cece shares that ​‘Wild Hearts’ ​is a song that celebrates the big dreamers and brave adventurers who are fearless and unashamedly authentic – those inspiring pioneers who pursue what brings them joy, aren’t afraid to dream big and won’t allow fear getting in the way of their happiness.

“​‘Wild Hearts’ captures that bracing feeling of escapism that often goes hand in hand with wistful nostalgia. Whether you are present and living through these moments, or looking back at your best times and drawing inspiration and hope from these experiences, there is always a feeling of euphoria that makes you feel hopeful and unstoppable and ushers you into a mental space where you are free and stop worrying about the future,” she explains.

“These memories transport us back to a place of youthfulness where we feel like the world is ours to conquer and we can live forever, with all the time in the world to make your mark.”

The video that accompanies the track follows Cece and a group of vibrant females as they make their way along a dirt road, hitchhiking towards an unknown destination with instruments in hand. As they walk and vehicles pass them by without stopping, you get the feeling that they are fine with it – that to them the journey is as important as the destination and each step taken with their sisters in arms is one to celebrate.

‘Wild Hearts’ ​is available on the following digital streaming platforms.

As the legion of fearless femmes continues along their way, they finally encounter a traveller who stops to give them passage – a strong, vital womxn who appears as confident and joyous as they are, ready to accompany and guide them on the next leg of their pilgrimage and ensure that their adventure unfolds in the way that it was always meant to.

‘Wild Hearts’ ​is a modern-day anthem for the fiercely free – the soundtrack to a life that is meant to be lived without limitations.

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