Cape Schools Abound With Talent

Winners of Next Generation musical showcase astound judges with original performances.

Cape Town, 18 October 2022: The annual Next Generation musical showcase took place at Liberty Promenade Mall in Mitchells Plain this weekend, proving that Cape schools have an abundance of talent. With a record number of 18 schools participating this year, West End Primary and Spine Road High won first place in their categories with Cascade Primary, Portland High and Lentegeur School for LSEN as runners-up.

The theme of this year’s competition was “The values one can learn from the game of soccer” which had to be incorporated into the live performance. The learners simply astounded the judges and audience with inspiring, self-choreographed routines, vibrant costumes and uplifting messages.

West End Primary – Winner of the Next Generation Musical Showcase in the Primary school category

West End Primary and Spine Road High won first place in their categories winning R20 000 cash prize for their school while Cascade Primary and Portland High came in second position in their categories, each winning R 10 000 for their school. Lentegeur School for Learners with special education needs received recognition with a special achievement award. The cash prizes provide local schools with the opportunity to upgrade their facilities for learners.

West End Primary learners referenced Cape Town-born Desiree Ellis, national head coach of Banyana Banyana as their sporting heroine and included the following in their performance:

“Sometimes we have to go backward to go forward, that is the beauty of soccer. Never give up, have faith in your dreams. There is a winner inside all of us no matter what your position might be, you have something unique to offer.”

Portland High learners linked the values of soccer to their everyday life and said: “You go through life being knocked down to the point where you cannot stand up anymore. You go to school and people get bullied for what they wear. You are never good enough for people, never good enough for the world, because you don’t have what they have. But you’ve got to keep going and tell yourself to move forward.”

Portland High schools performance

Wavecrest Primary included the following: “It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you are going. Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice. The game of soccer goes beyond the field it teaches us values in our daily life.”

This campaign, proudly presented by Liberty Promenade, is now in its eleventh year, as part of the mall’s social responsibility initiatives. The initiative was open to all schools in Mitchells Plain including primary schools, high schools and schools catering for learners with special needs, and is designed to encourage creativity and optimism among learners in the area.

“This year’s Next Generation showcase was an absolute treat to attend and a joy to host,” said Brenda Bibby, General Manager of Liberty Promenade. “Congratulations to all of the learners who participated. You proved once again that your creativity knows no boundaries and deserves to be commended” she added.

For enquiries on Liberty Promenade’s Next Generation initiative, please contact the Marketing Manager for Liberty Promenade, Najeeba Small-Ebrahim, or visit

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