President Ramaphosa’s appeal for investment to kick start the economy and create jobs (Business Report, April 14) has zero credibility because of the economic and governance fiasco ANC policies and corruption has created.

The Employment Equity Amendment Bill constrains employment conditions by imposing new, stringent demographic, gender and disability levels. As such, it makes job reservation legislation of apartheid look tame by comparison. The fact that the existing employment constraints have promoted unemployment and have not incentivised significant investment is entirely lost on the hidebound ANC. Their solution is to have more of the same poison.

Wilful blindness to the historically proven fact that the imposition of a failed ideology constrains economic development is the ANC’s badge of achievement. But worse still, the Employment Amendment legislation is perpetuating victimhood while creating new victims of those it discriminates against.

Significantly, reported elsewhere in the same newspaper edition, 6,000 Post Office employees face losing their jobs because ANC corruption and legislation has destroyed the Post Office, just like Eskom, SAA, Denel and dozens of other state-owned enterprises.

The 19,000 vacancies in the national Health Department reflect another consequence of ANC rule. Corruption and demographic quotas have discouraged many from seeking vocations in state-run hospitals. Instead their skills are snapped up overseas.

Further retarding job creation is Ramaphosa’s illogical, unscientific, impractical, unaffordable promotion of the WEF’s green energy agenda. The coal industry directly employs 92,000 people, yet Ramaphosa’s masters would have him sacrifice those jobs for wind turbines and solar panels imported from China.

The fifth and latest IPCC report projects a 0,04% reduction in global economic growth per year if global warming was double the Paris agreement target of 1,5 degrees Centigrade. So why are we being threatened by unscientific, delusional environmental policies? China opens an average of two new coal-fired power plants a week. India, too, is rejecting the climate “emergency” spell and embracing its development curve undeterred by the falsehoods propagated about carbon emissions.

 A crossroads in global economic order is upon us. There are two choices: Alignment with the US Deep State, criminal syndicate of dollar imperialism, WEF-imposed depopulation through vaccines, false demonization of fossil fuels, wokeism, cancel culture and Orwellian suppression of liberty? Or: with the growing BRICS nations which reject dollar imperialism, globalism and the Paris accord climate hoax; which have some appreciation for the natural order within the human family that is being torn asunder in the so-called Western world as Putin has observed?

Ramaphosa can no longer afford to sit on two stools. Despite misgivings on a range of issues, South Africa would be better off fully aligned with BRICS. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

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