BOBI WINE: THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT Documentary To Premiere This December

Bobi Wine The People's President

Bobi in the studio. (Mandatory photo credit: Southern Films)

Johannesburg, 29 November 2023: In Uganda’s 2021 presidential election, music star, activist and opposition leader Bobi Wine, together with his wife Barbie, rallied his people in a dangerous fight for freedom from President Museveni’s oppressive 35-year regime. Documenting his presidential run, National Geographic’s Bobi Wine: The People’s President premieres across Africa on DStv 181 this Sunday, December 3, at 21:00. 

Born in the slums of Kampala, Bobi Wine, Ugandan opposition leader, former member of parliament, activist and national superstar musician, risks his life and the lives of his wife, Barbie, and their children to fight the ruthless regime led by Yoweri Museveni. Museveni has been in power since 1986 and changed Uganda’s constitution to enable him to run for yet another five-year term.

Running in the country’s 2021 presidential elections, Bobi Wine uses his music to denounce the dictatorial regime and support his life mission to defend the oppressed and the voiceless people of Uganda. In this fight, he must also take on the country’s police and military, which are not afraid to use violence and torture in a vain attempt to intimidate and silence him and his supporters.

Bobi Wine on a motorbike escaping from police in Uganda Kampala. (Mandatory photo credit: Katumba Badru)

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