Appeal to Professor Nigel Garrett, Dr Richard Lessells and Dr Nokukhanya Msomi

Climate Change narrative

The untruths you disseminated concerning Covid vaccines at a UKZN workshop which were reported in the Tertiary Times of The Mercury, July 26, are yet another indication of the extent to which scientific integrity has been compromised. As such, they cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged.

Aimed at “debunking the myths about becoming fully vaccinated against the killer disease,” there is not a shred of evidence to support any of your claims. In the first place, Covid-19 is not a killer disease because 99% of those infected recovered. There is no precise figure for the numbers who died of Covid in South Africa because no distinction was made between two key prepositions: of or with Covid, nor were co-morbidities taken into account. Flu and pneumonia cases were included to bump up the data to contrive the “pandemic.”

In any event, your belief in what is a drug that has never been subjected to standard years of testing is deplorable. As FDA vax cheerleader, Dr Paul Offil, has acknowledged, “FDA decisions are based on political pressure, not science.” The Deputy Director of the EU Medicines Agency, Noel Wathion, concurs that the terms “approved” and “authorised” regarding the vaccines are not scientific. According to the thousands of pages of data Pfizer was compelled to release by court order, by August 2021 they knew their vax was neither safe nor effective.

Former Pfizer Vice President, Dr Michael Yeadon, an experienced scientist, says the Pharma industry knew all along that the vax would not work, yet chose to use spike protein despite realising its acute danger. “My peers on the inside knew this. It was not an accident.”

There is no scientific basis for Dr Msomi’s promotion of mask-wearing. The Brownstone Institute in the US compiled 400 independent studies debunking the role of masks in preventing transmission of the Covid virus. Dr Martin Kulldorf of Harvard, Dr Sunetra Gupta of Oxford and Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford are the founders of what is called the Great Barrington Declaration, authored on October 4, 2020. The Declaration is highly critical of Covid lockdown, mask-wearing and vaccine coercion and is endorsed by 15,468 medical scientists and 45,609 medical practitioners from Europe, North America, India, New Zealand and Israel. South Dakota and North Dakota provide a significant case of the efficacy of mask-wearing: South Dakota never mandated masks yet its rate of Covid deaths was far lower than mask-mandated North Dakota.

How do you account for the flip-flops of the pandemic guru, Dr Anthony Fauci, on mask-wearing? In March 2020, he said wearing was purely voluntary. In May 2020 he said they were necessary. Late in January 2021 he advocated double masking then a week later back-pedalled from that standpoint. Regardless of what type of mask is worn or from what it is manufactured, the apertures in the weave average 70 to 80 microns in size. The size of the virus is less than five microns. So masks are as ineffective in preventing the passage of the virus as a chain-link fence is in keeping out mosquitoes.

Professor Garrett’s assertion that “the unvaccinated have a six times higher risk of dying and experiencing severe disease” is utterly without foundation. A 14-month study done in Qatar in collaboration with Cornell University showed that the natural immunity of the unvaxxed was 97% effective against severe Covid. A 16-month study by the UK Health Dept showed that vaxxing is ineffective in preventing transmission while causing depletion of natural immunity. The latest New England Medical Journal notes that the unvaxxed are far less prone to Covid re-infection than the vaxxed. Haiti, where no vaxxing took place, has the lowest Covid infection in the world.

The stark reality of the effect of Covid vaxxing is being demonstrated increasingly in all the heavily vaxxed countries: rising death rates among the vaxxed; increased hospitalisations; increasing infection rates; unprecedented increases in heart ailments amongst the 16 to 39 age group; diminished fertility rates in Germany, Taiwan, North Dakota; unprecedented increases in miscarriages, foetal abnormalities, menstrual irregularities. The consensus amongst doctors ranging from the US College of Obstetrics to UK doctors is that vaxxing small children is extremely harmful and should not happen. In Ireland, heart disease has suddenly rocketed amongst vaxxed children. In Uruguay, a judge halted the vaxxing of children for similar reasons.

Another significant occurrence is what is called, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”. Between March 2021 and March 2022, 769 athletes suffered cardiac arrest. The international football federation FIFA recorded the sudden deaths of 21 players this past year. Lincoln, the fifth largest life insurance company in the US, has recorded an unprecedented rise in life insurance claims since vaxxing commenced. A current study done at Waikato University, New Zealand, by Prof John Gibson, based on weekly government data, found that those who had booster shots recorded a 10% higher death rate. Rising excess mortality in New Zealand is coinciding with booster shots. The latest death statistics in the UK show that 91% of cases were triple or quadruple vaxxed.

All of this data is authentic and publicly available, yet it is not published by the mainstream media which begs the question: why? The answer, freely available from sources such as RF Kennedy’s The Defender, the Epoch Times and World Net Daily, is that there is collusion between governments, drug companies and the mass media.

For example, in June the Biden regime signed a $3,2 billion deal with Pfizer to produce 105 million doses of its new, untested, re-formulated vax. Despite the risks involved, Biden Health secretary Xavier Becerra falsely claims the new vax will “protect people from serious illness.”

Whilst your credentials as scientists are not questioned, what begs questioning is why you propagate information that is unfounded? Research of the relationships many American scientists, doctors and institutions have with major pharmaceutical companies provides the answer: abide by the narrative or lose your funding.

It is a fact that your research, directly and indirectly, enjoys funding from a range of overseas sources. The US National Institute of Health is a government agency whose Director was once Dr Fauci. The Wellcome Trust provides funds through GlaxoSmithKline. The SAMRC, your major funder, is partnered by Forte of Sweden and the Newton Fund of the UK. In addition, medical research in South Africa enjoys funding from the Gates Foundation, the EU and Johnson & Johnson.

Conspicuously absent from your strenuous advocacy of the so-called vaccines, but not surprisingly, is any reference to the proven, inexpensive product called Ivermectin. The American Journal of Therapeutics, Vol. 28, July/August 2021, pp. 434-460, provides incontrovertible evidence that Ivermectin has “a strong therapeutic efficacy” against Covid-19. It found that doses of Ivermectin were 86% effective in reducing Covid infection and removed the need for mechanical ventilation. A related study found that Ivermectin reduced deaths amongst hospitalised Covid cases by 75%.

The Journal of Therapeutics argues that in the absence of the development of a cure for Covid-19, the repurposing of Ivermectin should be a priority. In Mexico and Peru Ivermectin has been officially endorsed as a Covid fighter. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of 240 million, recorded a 98,7% recovery rate from Covid thanks to Ivermectin.

The purpose of this address to you is to appeal to your consciences and to your sense of integrity. If you ignore this appeal, you should consider the extent to which you have contributed to the real pandemic – the pandemic of the vax which, as Pfizer’s court-ordered data indicates, has more than 1,000 possible adverse effects, the most critical being depletion of natural immunity and fatal heart cases. The facts contained in this appeal are not “myths and rumours,” as you aver. One does not have to be a scientist to appreciate the negative, indeed dangerous, effects of the so-called vaccines or the futility of mask-wearing and the socio-economic chaos of the utterly uncalled-for lockdowns.

A final, basic question: Vaccinations for polio and smallpox are given only once because they stimulate the necessary immunity. If a prescribed drug does not achieve what it claims after two administrations, how do you justify further applications of the same drug? In short, why do you encourage repeated doses of these so-called Covid vaccines which do not produce immunity? There is no logic in expecting a different result every time the same formula is applied.

Researched and compiled by Dr Duncan Du Bois, Durban, July 2022

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