America Now Installing “Smart Street Lights” Rigged To Spy On Your Every Move

With the help of new “smart” street lights that feature concealed license plate readers (LPR), a business by the name of Ubicquia is working with law enforcement to make it simpler for officers to follow people’s every move.

According to a recent press release, Ubicquia, a provider of “intelligent” streetlight infrastructure, is deploying Flock Safety, the first public safety operating system for cities. The company claims to want to “revolutionize the way public safety agencies deploy license plate reading (LPR) and situational awareness cameras to capture the objective evidence needed to solve more crime.”

Smart cameras, according to Ubicquia, can now be installed in a matter of minutes using a multi-purpose streetlight platform called UbiHub, which connects to the photocell socket of 360 million compatible streetlights and interacts with third-party cameras that have built-in LTE connectivity.

According to the firm, “With a streetlight every 50 meters, this partnership will enable public safety departments across the country to reduce the time and cost of installing LPR services.”

The justification for a massive spying and surveillance system is that it will aid in the investigation of more crimes.

The justification for this extensive eavesdropping and surveillance operation is that it is required by law enforcement to assist in more effective crime-solving. We are informed that police will be able to locate offenders more easily by tracking people’s movements using their license plates.

“Vehicular evidence is often the most valuable investigative lead a detective can have while investigating the roughly 70% of crime that occurs with a vehicle (estimated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, IACP),” Ubicquia says.

“Flock Safety’s patented Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology identifies a vehicle’s unique features (make, vehicle body style, license plate, state of the license plate, paper tags, aftermarket wheels, roof racks, etc.) and makes it possible to find suspect vehicles across your network of cameras.”

The FlockOS-based gadgets, which go by the name of Falcon cameras, merge video and LPR technologies onto a single platform to provide what Ubicquia calls complete situational awareness.

Ubicquia’s smart street light platforms are already in use in some of North America’s biggest cities. More than 3,000 distinct North American towns currently use and have adopted Flock Safety technology.

“We like the sleek design and functionality of the Ubicquia platform,” announced Michael Sherwood, the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Las Vegas, which is excited to be partnering with the company. “It allows us to deploy Flock LPR cameras using our existing infrastructure. This saves the city time and money. It also gives us the additional benefit of network streetlighting controls to improve the way we manage our streetlights.”

“The integration of Flock Safety’s LPR technology into the UbiHub platform is a game-changer for public safety agencies,” added Bailey Quintrell, Senior Vice President for Growth at Flock Safety.

“It enables cities to take advantage of existing infrastructure, accelerating the deployment of cameras, while delivering all the crime solving benefits of LPR technology and FlockOS, our public safety situation awareness platform for cities.”

Kyle Brown, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Ubicquia, claims that the technology developed by Flock Safety is a significant game-changer because it is “disrupting the LRP market” in a significant way. According to Brown, he is thrilled to be working with Flock Safety to implement this widespread monitoring and surveillance plan as part of a shared “commitment to public safety.” has more related news coverage regarding the ever-expanding American police state and the methods being employed to put the populace under totalitarian control at every intersection.

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