African Men Push Back Against Western Narratives on Abortion and LGBTQ Lifestyles: Defending Family Values

Human Life International is helping African men persevere in their culture’s traditional understanding of fathers and reject negative Western influences that promote contraception, abortion, and LGBT ideology.

June 17, 2024 — Johannesburg, South Africa – In a powerful demonstration of cultural resistance, African men are challenging Western ideologies surrounding abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles, asserting that these narratives are undermining traditional family structures. This movement is gaining momentum as African leaders and communities reject what they see as foreign impositions that threaten their societal values.

Key Highlights:

  1. Rejecting Western Ideologies: African men, particularly those involved in pro-family and pro-life movements, are speaking out against Western perspectives on abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles. They argue that these views are destructive to the fabric of African society and family life.
  2. Defending Traditional Values: The core of this resistance is a dedication to preserving traditional African values, which emphasise strong family units and clear gender roles. African men believe that Western narratives on reproductive rights and LGBTQ lifestyles are in direct conflict with these cultural norms.
  3. Criticism of Cultural Imperialism: African leaders argue that Western interventions in reproductive health and family policies constitute cultural imperialism, imposing values that are not accepted by the majority of African communities. They call for a rejection of these external influences to maintain the integrity of their societal structures.
  4. Voices of Advocacy:
    • Dr. Obadiah’s Statement: Dr. Obadiah, a prominent pro-life advocate in Africa, has been vocal about the detrimental impact of Western ideologies on African families. He states, “These Western lies about fatherhood, abortion, and LGBTQ lifestyles are tearing apart the very fabric of our society. We must reject these harmful narratives to preserve our values and protect our children.”
    • Community Leaders’ Perspectives: Other community leaders echo Dr. Obadiah’s sentiments, emphasising the need to defend African cultural norms against external pressures. “The promotion of abortion and non-traditional lifestyles is a direct attack on our way of life,” says John Mwangi, a community organiser from Kenya.
  5. Support from Human Life International: Human Life International (HLI), a global pro-life organization, has expressed strong support for the stance taken by African men. HLI’s recent press release highlights the widespread disapproval of Western narratives on abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles among African men, advocating for policies that uphold life and family integrity.

Controversies and Public Reactions

The backlash against Western influence is highly controversial. Proponents of reproductive and LGBTQ rights argue that access to abortion and acceptance of diverse lifestyles are essential for individual freedom and health. However, opponents, including many African men, contend that these measures undermine traditional family values and promote lifestyles that conflict with cultural and religious beliefs.

Implications for the Future

The ongoing debate has significant implications for both international relations and domestic policies in African nations. The resistance to Western ideologies could lead to a reevaluation of foreign aid and health programmes, urging a shift towards culturally respectful approaches that align with local values.


This controversy underscores the need for a nuanced understanding of cultural differences in global health and family planning initiatives. As African men continue to push back against Western narratives on abortion and LGBTQ lifestyles, the world watches to see how these tensions will shape the future of policies and societal norms in Africa.

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