12 Concrete Indications That Globalists Are Working To Wipe Out Humanity

Talking about depopulation in public is no longer frowned upon. Even many who previously regarded the idea as a conspiracy theory are now openly admitting that massive global efforts are being made to sharply limit the number of people living on Earth.

As a way to “save the planet” from alleged “climate change”, which is a complete fabrication and fake science fraud based on the myth that carbon dioxide is harmful to life on the planet, mainstream media now frequently promotes “climate lockdowns” as a good thing. (Without it, photosynthesis, plants, animals, and humans would not exist.)

Currently, corporate media openly advocates for climate lockdowns and blackouts, air conditioning rationing, and even the outright prohibition of using power to cool homes and buildings on hot weather days. Of course, all of this is being presented as being necessary to save the earth. For instance, a recent article in The Los Angeles Times questioned whether a “occasional blackout” may “help solve climate change.”

As Slay News has correctly pointed out:

Green agenda alarmists in the corporate media are now calling for widespread electrical grid blackouts for “the greater good” of “solving the climate crisis.” In an article from the Los Angeles Times, the establishment media outlet argues that it would be “easier and less expensive to fight climate change” if the public would “be willing to live with” blackouts.

That is to say, even though NPR still maintains that the campaign to get people to eat bugs is a conspiracy theory, shortly after NPR promoted insects as the upcoming superfood, we are past the point where the controlled corporate media claims that engineered blackouts and climate lockdowns are just a hoax. Now, the government-controlled media openly asserts that the way human society operates will destroy the world. Therefore, they imply, the only way to save the earth is to destroy the systems that provide food and energy to sustain people.

Here are twelve indisputable indicators that globalists are actively working to eradicate humanity from the globe. Notably, none of these signs—all twelve—are even just speculations; they can all be easily verified. The establishment media, WEF, and proponents of the globalist narrative openly brag about the majority of these things and no longer even pretend to be on the side of human sustainability or genetic integrity. They make no secret of their desire to eradicate humanity, and the only effort they make to do so is to dress up their plans for global genocidal destruction as “climate lockdowns” or “vaccine mandates.”

The underlying aim is planetary-scale genocidal destruction of the human race. It is hidden beneath lies, fake science, manipulated elections, government-controlled censorship, and mRNA injections.

The following twelve indicators are ones you can’t miss:


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The twelve unmistakable indications that the globalists are committing a global genocide against the human race

1) Planetary-scale atmospheric changes are being made to terraform the planet in order to make it uninhabitable for human life. This is being done on a large scale via “carbon sequestration” initiatives, which remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Since photosynthesis, the process that powers life on Earth, depends on CO2, this attempt would eventually cause the collapse of all food crops, rainforests, marine ecosystems, and more, killing off almost all animals and humans on the globe if it weren’t halted. The entire “climate cult” apparatus, including nearly all Democrats, media propagandists, government regulators, globalists, etc., are at war with CO2 and trying to completely eliminate it from Earth’s atmosphere, despite the fact that there would essentially be no recognizable life on the planet without CO2 in the atmosphere.

2) The WorldCoin initiative to scan everyone’s eyes and create an encryption key based on their biometrics is actually a “human inventory” scheme to digitally record all the human beings known to exist on the planet. This will allow globalists to properly track their depopulation milestones. This procedure is required to keep track of the stages of human depopulation and to identify anyone who has not yet been accounted for by the system—in other words, anyone who is “Unscannable!” according to Idiocracy.

3. They’ve given up on educating kids to be ready for a constructive future – Take note of how government-run schools no longer impart even the most fundamental knowledge or skills necessary to perform jobs in a functioning society. This is due to the lack of any strategy to employ the newer generations of people in any sort of constructive endeavor. Since their extermination is the goal, imparting knowledge or skills to them is not necessary when a population is being wiped out. The abandonment of education, a plan that has now received the full support of teachers’ unions, is a stand-in for the surrender of any hope for the future of humanity.

4) Planned destruction of the energy infrastructure that powers human economies is intended to bring about both an economic collapse and a food shortage that will result in widespread hunger, as was discussed above. No civilization can survive without accessible, inexpensive energy. Intentionally cutting off energy causes civilizations to collapse and perish. The fascist governments of the globe, i.e., western countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, etc., are purposefully preventing access to that energy even though we live in a world with plenty of energy. The demise of western civilization is the likely result of this.

5) Governments are funding, developing, and using genetic bioweapons that are intended to harm people. As if orchestrated starvation and economic collapse weren’t bad enough, western governments, including the United States of America, continue to finance genetic bioweapons that are intended to harm people. One such weapon is the spike protein, which was incorporated into both the mRNA and the covid plandemic vaccines with the intention of maiming and killing as many people as possible. The US Department of Defense is the driving force behind the development of these bioweapons, and they have a long history of operating illegal bioweapons laboratories in nations like the Ukraine (as well as several African nations) and actively researching and developing self-replicating bioweapons that target specific ethnic groups based on biological differences in genetic makeup.

6) There is a coordinated, global effort to destroy seed diversity and prevent crops from reproducing – To prevent free people from being able to grow their own food, there is a coordinated, global effort to control the seed supply, collapse seed diversity, and transition agriculture to toxic, genetically modified seeds that produce crops that synthesize pesticide chemicals right into the crop itself (like with GM corn). Over the years, large seed companies like Monsanto (now Bayer) have acquired a large number of smaller seed suppliers, eradicating seed diversity and all but monopolizing the agricultural supply chain for crop production. One of the fundamental steps to weaponizing food scarcity and employing induced famine as a tool for social control and mass compliance with government demands is the centralization of food production into the hands of a small number of big corporations.

7) A flood of automated robots that are set to be unleashed into the industry will soon render laborers obsolete. These robots will quickly replace blue collar employees and transport drivers. Commercial drivers (who work for UPS, Fedex, USPS, and numerous trucking companies) may soon become outdated and out of employment when bipedal warehouse robots that can perform nearly all of the same activities take their place. Crop-picking robots will soon replace migrant workers in agriculture, and even in the construction industry, robots will progressively take over numerous jobs now done by people.

Safeguard your assets, privacy, and freedom, as the globalist cabal restricts human freedom

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People who are aware of the worldwide genocide effort can survive it, but the uninformed majority won’t fare well

The good news is that people who are aware and awake—not necessarily “woke”—are in a good position to withstand the attempted global genocide against humankind. The individuals who have what I refer to as off-grid access to food, money, medication, energy, communications, water, and other essential supplies will survive. In contrast, those who are credulous enough to trust in centralized institutions will learn the hard way that all governments are actively attempting to wipe them out. Money, food, speech, energy, and anything else the government can take away from you because it has control will be used as a weapon to force the populace into extinction.

Despite the fact that “obedience idiots” are relatively simple to eliminate by globalists—perhaps 20+ million have already been killed via mRNA injections—those who possess discernment and self-reliance will be more than capable of surviving the attempted global holocaust.

Simply avoid believing anything from the government or any other “official” source, and educate yourself with accurate, up-to-date, pro-human material from alternative media outlets like NaturalNews.com and Brighteon.com if you want to survive. For a collection of dozens of the most censored (and significant) websites on the internet, visit Censored.news as well.

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